一.电气名词Electric items

交(直)流Alternating (direct) current

短路电流Short-circuit current

起始次暂态短路电流Initial subtransient short-circuit current

冲击电流Impulse current

稳态短路电流Steady state short-circuit current

临界电流Critical current

切断电流Rupturing current

熔断电流Blow-out current

故障电流Fault current

计算电流Calculating current

极限有限电流Limit effective current

过电流Over current

逆电流Inverse current

整定电流Setting current

额定电流Rated current

电流密度Current density

短路电流最大有效值Maximum effective value of short-circuit current

高压High-voltage , High-tension

低压Low-voltage , Low-tension

计算电压Calculating voltage

激磁电压Exciting voltage

冲击电压Impulse voltage

临界电压Critical voltage

残留电压Residual voltage

击穿电压Puncture voltage

脉动电压Pulsating voltage

供电电压Supply voltage

电力电压Power voltage

照明电压Lighting voltage

灯丝电压Filament voltage

额定电压Rated voltage

电压损失Voltage loss

过(欠)电压Over (under) voltage

线路电压Line voltage

电压降Voltage drop

工作电压Working voltage

一次电压Primary voltage

二次电压Secondary voltage

电源Electric source (power supply)

自控电压Power supply for process control

6kV 控制闪光电源Flashing supply for 6kV control

工作电源Working power supply (electric source)

保安电源Emergency power supply (electric source)

直流稳压电源Stabilized D.C. source

控制电源Control supply

直流电源D.C. source

交流电源A.C. source

负荷计算Load calculation

设备容量Installed capacity

需要容量Electric demand

功率因数Power factor

安装高度Mounting height

耐电压Breakdown voltage

工频耐压High-voltage test with working frequency

表面闪络Surface flash-over

直流泄漏D.C. leakage

体电阻率Volume resistivity

介质损失角Dielectric loss angle

击穿强度Puncture intensity

电压等级Voltage grade

比重Specific gravity


相序Phase sequence


倾角Angle of inclination


正极Positive pole

负极Negative pole

截面(积) Cross section area

辅助电源Auxiliary source

遮断容量Interrupting capacity

载流量Current-carrying capacity

校正系数Correction factor

连续负荷Continuous load

长期载流量Continuous capacity

长时间额定值Longtime rating

电动机堵转电流Locked-rotor motor current

限定负荷Limited load

电感负荷Inductive load

感应电流Induced current

二.线路(母线、回路)Lines (Bus , circuits)


合闸电源母线Closing power source bus


备用母线Spare bus

装在支柱上的插接式母线Post-supported plug-in bus way

装在吊钩上的插接式母线Hook-supported plug-in bus way

装在支架上的插接式母线Bracket-supported plug-in bus way

小母线Miniature bus

电源小母线Power supply miniature bus

操作小母线Operating miniature bus

事故信号小母线Miniature bus for fault signal

闪光小母线Flashing miniature bus

主母线Main bus

直流主母线D.C. main bus

预告母线Prewarning bus

干线Main line

照明干线Lighting main line

接地干线Grounding main line

插座干线Receptacle main line

电压干线Voltage main line

端子出线Terminal outgoing




电气线路Electric circuit

交流配电线路A.C. distribution circuit

直流配电线路D.C. distribution circuit

事故照明线路Emergency lighting circuit

控制线路Control circuit

接地或接零线路Grounding or neutralizing circuit

信号线路Signal circuit

有接地极的接地线路网Grounding with grounding electrodes

定子绕组测温回路Temperature measuring circuit for stator winding

接地信号回路Grounding signal circuit

闪光信号回路Flashing-signal circuit

开阀回路Circuit for opening valve

关(闭)阀回路Circuit for closing valve

开度计回路Circuit for opening meter

电流测量回路Current-measuring circuit

差动保护回路Differental protective circuit

过流保护回路Over-current protective circuit

合闸回路Closing circuit

停车延时回路Delayed shutdown circuit

掉闸回路Trip circuit

激磁回路Exciting circuit

备用回路Spare circuit

主回路Main circuit

馈路Feeder circuit

现有回路Existing circuit

单线回路Single-wire circuit

接地回路Earthed circuit

有电压的电路Live circuit


高压开关柜H.V. switchgear

动力配电箱Power distribution cabinet

电源配电箱Source distribution cabinet

直流配电屏D.C. switchboard (distribution panel)

交流低压配电屏A.C.L.V. switchboard (distribution panel)

静电电容器柜Static capacitor cabinet

多种电源插销箱Receptacle box for miscellaneous power supplies

控制箱Control cabinet

照明配电箱Lighting (distribution panel)

连接箱Junction box

出线盒Outlet box

开关箱Switch box


分段屏Sectionalizing panel

进线屏Incoming line panel

电控箱Electric control panel

边屏Side board

端子箱Terminal box

供电盘Power supply box

瓶车箱Synchronizing cabinet

感应调压器专用变压器高压柜Special transformer H.V. cabinet for induction

voltage regulator

电压互感器柜Potential transformer cabinet

信号屏Signal panel

浮充屏Floating panel

蓄电池屏Battery panel

充电屏Charging panel

母线联络柜Bus tie cabinet

转换开关Transfer switch

电压表转换开关Voltmeter change-over switch

铁壳开关Metal-clad switch (Iron-clad switch)

管式熔断器Cartridge fuse

真空断路器Vacuum circuit breaker (V.C.B.)

自动开关Automatic switch

高压负荷开关H.V. load break switch

三极高压断路器3-pole HV circuit-breaker

刀开关Knife switch

转换开关Transfer switch

双极铁壳开关2-pole iron-clad switch

风扇变速开关Fan speed regulator switch

密闭照明灯开关Hermetic lighting switch

防爆照明灯开关Explosion-proof lighting switch

行程开关Limit switch

高压隔离开关H.V. disconnecting switch

明装单极板钮开关Surface-mounted single-pole toggle switch

暗装单极板钮开关Flush-mounted single-pole toggle switch

三路开关Three-way switch

气密式组合开关Hermetic packet type switch

防护式开关Guard type switch

联锁开关Interlock switch

操作方式选择开关Selecting switch for types of operation

控制电源开关Switch for control supply

主令开关Master switch (controller)

多切点切换开关Multi-point change-over switch


控制按钮Control push-button

防爆控制按钮Explosion-proof control push-button

事故紧急按钮Emergency stopping push-button

起动按钮Starting push-button

停止按钮Stopping push-button

现场按钮Push-button in field


音响解除按钮Push-button for sound release


磁力起动器Magnetic starter

综合起动器Combination starter (Magnetic starter combination)

电力变压器Power transformer

调压变压器Voltage regulating transformer

电压互感器Potential transformer

电流互感器Current transformer

照明变压器Lighting transformer

三相三绕组变压器3-phase tertiary winding transformer

高压试验变压器H.V. testing transformer

局部照明变压器Local lighting transformer

多量程仪用电流互感器Multi-range current transformer for measurement

降压变压器Step-down transformer


双电压电动机Dual-voltage motor

感应电动机Induction motor

交流异步电动机A.C. asynchronous motor

同步电动机synchronous motor

三相滑环感应电动机3-phase slip-ring induction motor

三相鼠笼感应电动机3-phase squirrel-cage induction motor

绕线式电动机Wound-rotor induction motor

反应式电动机Reaction motor

柴油发电机Diesel generator

励磁发电机Excitation generator

明装双极插座Surface-mounted 2-pole receptacle

暗装双极插座Flush-mounted 2-pole receptacle

双极带接地插座2-pole receptacle with grounding contact

单相三孔明插座Surface-mounted single phase 3-pole receptacle

防护式明装三相四孔插座Guard type surface-mounted 3-phase 4-pole receptacle

配照型灯Standard dome lighting fitting

搪瓷深照型灯Enameled high bay lighting fitting

防水防尘灯Water and dust proof lighting fitting

安全灯Safety lighting fitting

隔爆灯Explosion-proof lighting fitting

弯灯Goose-neck light

壁灯Wall light

高压水银灯High pressure mercury vapor lighting fitting

投光灯Flood-light (projection light)

信号灯Signal lamp

天棚灯Ceiling-mounted lighting fitting

局部照明灯Local lighting fitting

灯座Lamp holder

事故照明灯Emergency lighting fitting

高压水银荧光灯H.P. mercury fluorescent lighting fitting

广照型工厂灯Wide lit type industrial fitting

深照型灯具High bay lighting fitting

白炽灯具Incandescent lamp (bulb)

圆球型灯Globe lamp

嵌入式荧光灯flush type fluorescent lighting fitting

红色障碍灯Red obstruction lamp for aviation

厂区道路照明灯Street lighting in plant area

路灯Street lamp

视孔灯Inspection hole lamp

立杆弯灯goose-neck post lamp , pole lamp

模拟报警信号Semigraph and alarm signal





内电阻Internal resistance

固定电阻(器) Fixed resistance

脱扣Release , trip

分励Shunt trip

特殊失压脱扣器Special no-voltage release

“或”开关放大器“Or” switch amplifier






油变阻器Oil immersed rheostat

频敏电阻器Frequency sensitive rheostat

滑线变阻器Sliding rheostat


电机加热器Space heater (for motor)

空气断路器电机操作机构Motor operating mechanism for air circuit-breaker

可控硅励磁装置Silicon controlled rectifier excitation device

保护装置Protective device (element)

闪光装置Flashing device

接闪装置(避雷器) Lightning arrester

断相保护Phase failure protection

四.保护、继电器Protection , relays

信号继电器Signal relay

过电流继电器Over-current relay

电压继电器Voltage relay

时间继电器Time relay

中间继电器Auxiliary relay

热继电器Thermal relay

温度继电器Temperature relay

瓦斯继电器Gas relay

控制电源中间继电器Auxiliary relay for control supply

自动操作继电器Relay for auto-operation

低电压继电器Under-voltage relay

过电压继电器Over-voltage relay

联锁继电器Interlock relay

冲击继电器Impact relay

合闸位置继电器Close position relay

逆流继电器Reverse-current relay

差流继电器Differential current relay

差动继电器Differential relay

电流继电器Current relay

功率继电器Power relay

接地继电器Earthing relay

重合闸继电器Reclosing relay

同步继电器Synchronous relay

速动继电器Quick acting relay

定时限继电器Definite time relay

光电继电器Photoelectric relay

电子继电器Electronic relay

电磁式继电器Electromagnetic relay

电动式继电器Electrodynamic relay

气压继电器Gas-pressure relay

继电器常开触点Relay N.O. contact

继电器常闭触点Relay N.C. contact

继电器保护触点(常开) Relay holding contact (N.O.)

能自动返回的常闭按钮触点Self-return button with N.C. contact

模拟信号触点Contact for semigraph signal

强励磁接点Shock excitation contact

电感线圈Induction coil

电流线圈Current coil

脱扣线圈Trip coil

合闸线圈Close coil

释放线圈Releasing coil

掉闸线圈Tripping coil

予告信号Prewarning signal

掉闸回路断线信号Breakage signal of trip circuit

断路器事故掉闸信号Fault trip signal of breaker

掉闸音响信号Tripping audible signal

重瓦斯预告信号Heavy gas prewarning signal

温度预告信号Temperature prewarning signal

手动、自动操作时事故信号Fault signal in manual/automatic operation

保护掉闸Protective trip

控制掉闸Control trip

手动跳闸Manual trip

变电所紧急停车Emergency shutdown at substation

工艺故障Fault in process

励磁故障Fault in excitation

工作电源失电报警No-voltage alarm of working electric source

工作电源分合闸On and off of working electric source

工作电源投入Throw-in of working electric source

保安电源送电supply of emergency electric source

运转指示Indicating of operation

投入指示Indicating of throw-in

同步指示Indicating of synchronism

延时停车Delayed shutdown

电源切除Switch off the power supply

速断及过流断通Instantaneous trip and over-current off/on




绝缘监视Insulation supervision

电压监视Voltage supervision

联锁解除Release of interlock

工作、保安电源切换Transfer of working and emergency power supply

发电机与工作母线并车Synchronization of generator to working bus

重瓦斯保护Heavy gas protection

开或闭超扭矩保护Over-torque protection during opening and closing valve

电机起动顺序Sequence of motor starting

铭牌框注字Name plate denotation (inscription)

五.电气仪表Electric instruments



三相三线有功电度表Three-phase three-wire kilowatt-hour meter , kWh meter

单相电度表Single-phase kilowatt-hour meter

三相无功电度表Three-phase kilovar-hour meter

有功功率表Active power meter , kilowatt meter

无功功率表Reactive power meter , kilovar meter

三相瓦特表(功率表) Three-phase watt meter

功率因数表Power factor meter

频率表Frequency meter



相位表Phase meter


波长表Wave-length meter

三相四线制标准电度表3-phase 4-wire standard watthour-meter

过载电流表Overload ammeter

低功率因数瓦特表Low power-factor wattmeter

交直流两用钳型电流表A.C./D.C. multi-purpose tongtester

兆欧表Megger , Megohmmeter




各种测量仪表Various kind of measuring instruments

接地电阻测量仪Earthing resistance tester

真空管电压表Vacuum tube voltmeter

电动秒表Electric second-meter

六.防雷Lightning protection

避雷装置Lightning protector

避雷针Lightning rod

避雷带Strap type lightning protector

避雷网Network of lightning protector

避雷针支架Lightning rod support

避雷针尖Tip of lightning rod

避雷针拉铁Brace for lightning rod

避雷器Lightning arrester , surge discharger

球型避雷器Spherical arrester

管形避雷器Tubular arrester

阀形避雷器Auto-valve arrester

低压避雷器Low voltage arrester

角形避雷器Horn arrester

多隙避雷器Multigap arrester

铝避雷器Aluminum cell arrester

氧化膜避雷器Oxide film arrester

击穿保险器Puncture lightning arrester

雷击Lightning stroke

直接雷击Direct lightning stroke

感应雷击Induction lightning stroke

雷电日Thunderbolt days

雷电或然率Lightning and thunder probability

触电Electric shock

静电感应Electrostatic induction

七.接地Grounding , earthing

接地保护Ground protection , earth protection

防雷接地Grounding for lightning

保护接地Protective earthing

人工接地Artificial grounding

工作接地Working grounding , working earthing

重复接地Multiple earthing

屏蔽接地Screen earthing , shielding ground

中性点接地Neutral point grounded

接地系统Grounding system , earthing system

接地故障Ground fault , earth fault

单相接地Single phase earthing

母线接地Bus ground

接地装置Grounding device , earthing device

引下线Down-lead , down conductor

引下线固定Clamping plate of support for fixing

支架夹板Down lead

引下线固定支脚Support for fixing down lead

接地线Ground connector

接地干线Ground(ing) main , (bus)

接地网Grounding network , earthing network

接地极Earth electrode (pole)

接地电阻Earth resistance

接地电路Earth (ground) circuit

连接条Connecting strip

断接卡Connecting clamp

八.室、所Room , Substation



蓄电池室Battery room

控制室Control room

配电室Distribution room

维修间Repair room


高压配电室H.V. distribution room

休息室Rest room

九.电修车间设备Equipments of electric repair

砂轮机Emery wheel grinder

台钻Bench drilling machine

交流电焊机A.C. welding machine

移动式空气压缩机Portable air compressor

手电钻Electric hand drill

单速手摇绕线机Single speed hand winding machine

导线钳压器Wire jointing press-clamp

油压千斤顶Hydraulic jack

电吹尘器Electric dust cleaner

存放柜Store chest

高压试验变压器H.V. testing transformer

泄漏试验变压器Leakage testing set

大电流发生器Strong current generator

油浸自冷感应调压器Oil-immersed self-cooled induction voltage regulator

多量程仪用电流互感器Multi-range current transformer for measurement

仪用电感互感器Instrumental voltage transformer

单相自耦变压器Single-phase auto-transformer

三相自耦变压器3-phase auto-transformer

硅整流器Silicon rectifier

仪表试验台Testing stand for instrument

接触器,继电器试验台Relay and contactor testing stand

慢扫描示波器Slow scanning oscillograph

交流电子稳压器A.C. electronic voltage stabilizer

携带式交流电桥Portable A.C. electric bridge

接地电阻测量仪Earthing resistance tester

电缆故障探伤仪Cable fault detector

直流单臂电桥D.C. single-arm electric bridge , Wheatstone bridge


绝缘包布Insulating tape

填料Filler , packing

绝缘膏Insulating compound

电缆膏Cable compound

防腐油Anti-corrosive oil

沥青漆Bituminous varnish

绝缘漆Insulating varnish

瓷漆Enamel varnish

有色金属Non-ferrous metal

黑色金属ferrous metal

白金属White metal


环氧树脂Epoxy resin

聚氯乙烯Polyvinyl chloride , PVC


滑石粉Talc powder


聚丙烯外壳Polyacrylic cover

耐油橡胶管Oil-proof rubber tubes

接地铜线Grounding copper wire


塑料绝缘线Plastics insulated wire

橡套电缆Rubber sheathed cable


填充剂Filling agent

绝缘电线Insulated wire

移动软电缆Movable flexible cable

补偿导线Extension wire



悬索Cable suspension

滑触线Trolley conductor

镀锌煤气管Galvanized gas pipe

镀锌角钢Galvanized steel angle

镀锌扁钢Galvanized steel strap

钢丝绳Steel wire rope


电磁阀Electromagnetic valve

连接片Connecting link

切换片Transfering link

端子排Terminal board

半导体二极管Semiconductor diode

开度计Opening meter

逻辑元件Logical element

接线盒Junction box

仪表槽板Instrument trunking

电缆吊架Cable hanger

出线套Outgoing line sleeve

十一.图名Drawings , diagrams

电气图纸目录Contents of electric drawings

电力系统图Electric power system diagram

照明系统图Lighting system diagram

电力平面布置图Electric power layout plan

照明平面布置图Lighting layout plan

单线图One line diagram

控制箱面部布置图Surface arrangement of control box

背部接线图Back wiring (diagram)

外部接线图External (outside) wiring diagram

内部接线图Internal (inside) wiring diagram

控制原理图Principle control diagram

原理图Schematic diagram

展开图Developed diagram

电气标准图Electric standard drawing

电气施工图Electric working drawing

复用图Reproducibles (drawing)

电缆联系图Cable hook-up diagram

转换开关接点图Contact diagram of transfer switch

箱侧视图Side view of box

正视图Front view , facade

背视图Back view


参考图Reference drawing

电缆敷设图Cable laying diagram

箱内框架布置图Arrangement of frames inside the cabinet

控制箱台面展开图Surface developed diagram of console

出线端子示意图Schematic diagram of terminal outgoing lines

端子接线图Diagram of terminal connections

电气管线表List of wire , cable and conduits

设备材料表List of equipment and materials


电力系统图Power system diagram

引入线Lead in

保护设备Protective device




主启动设备回路Circuit to starting device

导线型号、芯数、截面及管径Conductor type , cores , section & diameter of conduit

线长Wire length

管长Conduit length

启动设备Starting device

型号规格Type , specification

保护元件Protective element

计量装置Calculating device

用电设备主回路Main circuit of electric equipment

控制回路Control circuit

控制装置Control device

用电设备Electric equipment

设备容量Consumer capacity

生产设备Production equipment

位号No. of location



引入线Feed in

配电箱Distribution cabinet

型号及编号Type and No.

开关型号Switch type

保护装置Protective device

回路编号Circuit No.


灯数Number of lamps

插座数Number of receptacles

电缆编号No. of line



母线截面Section of bus

零母线Neutral bus

屏编号Panel No.

型号及方案号Type and variant No.

控制原理图号Principle control diagram

工艺位号Process item No.

十三.标准图词汇Terms from standard DWG

电工系统图图形符号Graphic symbols for electric system

交流电的相别A.C. phase sequence

直流电的正负极D.C. positive and negative poles

有中性点引出线的星形连接的三相绕组Star-connected three phase windings with

neutral outlet

开口三角形连接的三相绕组3-phase winding with open delta connection

互相连接的导线Cross connection of wires

不连接的跨越导线Crossing wires not in contact with each other

可拆卸的电气连接Removable connection

电缆终端头Pothead of cable or cable end


感应调压器Induction voltage regulator

凸极同步电动机Salient pole synchronous motor

带接换装置的蓄电池组Accumulator battery with tap-changers

空气断路器Air circuit-breaker

保持触点Holding contact

热元件Thermal element

自动复位的操作开关Spring-return operating switch

插接器Plug-in connector


电炉Electric furnace


可控硅整流箱屏Silicon controlled rectifier box panel

直流配电屏D.C. distributing panel

磁力起动器组Magnetic starter group

自动开关箱Automatic switch box

行程开关Limit switch

局部灯Local lighting fitting

荧光灯列Series fluorescent lighting fitting

防护式灯开关Protective switch

导线引上Conductors turning up

导线引下Conductors turning down

导线由上引来Conductors turning from above

导线由下引来Conductors turning from below

电缆沟Cable trench

调压器Voltage regulator

隔离变压器Isolating transformer

击穿保护器Puncturing safety device

晶体管Transisorized diode

地坪Grade level

电缆与水管平行Cable running parallel to a water supply pipe

电缆与热力管道交叉敷设Cable running across heat pipeline

车道Drive way

电缆穿管与管道交叉Cable protective pipe across a pipeline

双(单)侧支架电缆沟Trench with rack on both sides (one side)

室外地坪Outdoor grade


金属软管Flexible metal tube



transistor 晶体管

audion 三极管

capacitance 电容

Diesel 柴油机

AC- motors 交流电机


coupling 联结耦合

current carrying capacity 载流能力(最大允许电流)

conductivity 传导性

in isolation 绝缘

lead 导线

leakage current 泄漏电流

inductance 感应系数

loops 线圈

macroprocessor 微处理器

multimedia show 多媒体展示

medium-power distribution 中压配电

motor and soft starters 电机及软起动器

numerical controls 数控系统

optimal 最佳的,最理想的

overload relays 过载继电器

overshoot 过冲

peak current 峰值电流

power dissipation 电力分散

process automation 过程自动化

process instrumentation and analytics 过程仪表及分析仪器

punch 穿孔,冲压

reactance 电抗

recharge 再充

regulated power supply 稳压电源

resistance 阻抗

resistor 电阻器

resonate 共振

self-inductance 自感应

series inductance 串联感应

simulation 模拟

switching 配电;交流

thermal cycle 热循环

thickness 厚度

voltage regulator 调压器

warping 扭曲,变形

wiring layout 线路配置图

AC-drives 交流变频器

asymmetrical 非对称的

attenuation 衰减

bridged impedance 桥接阻抗

cable bridge 电缆桥架

charge 电荷

circuit schematic diagram 电路原理图解

coefficient 系数

configuration 构造

constant 常量

copper sheet 铜片

damping 阻尼

decomposition 分解

decouple 分离

delay circuit 延迟电路

dielectric sheets 介电原片

diode clamping 钳位

edge connector 边缘连接器

electrical infrastructure 电气基础设施

electrical installation 电气安装技术

equations set 方程组

four-layer 四层

hookup 接线图

human machine interface 人机界面

impedance 阻抗

incidence 入射

incident wave 入射波

incorporated 合成一体的

instantaneous 瞬间的

interleaved 交叉

load admittance 负载导纳

lumped 集中的

modal 模式的

modeling 建模

motor management systems 电机管理系统

mounting pads 安装垫片

noise margins 噪音安全系数

proximity effect 邻近效应

radian 弧度

resistive 有抵抗力的

schematic 示意图

services & industry solutions 服务和工业解决方案

terminator 终结器

undershoot 负脉冲信号;下




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